Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Steam Cleaners Products Get to the Root of Grout Cleaning

Steam Cleaners Products
Steam cleaners products can be useful in many ways, one in particular is cleaning tile and grout. Cleaning tiles can be a relatively easy task, though it can sometimes be challenging when removing grime or hard water stains. Cleaning grout is often a far more difficult job.

Unfortunately, this task can have serious repercussions if it isn’t done properly. Grout often attracts black mold, which can be dangerous if it isn’t removed completely. Since grout is not only soft, but also porous, cleaning it can be an arduous task that either involves manual scrubbing or the use of harsh chemicals. Steam cleaners products from Daimer® are equipped to clean grout in a way that’s not only effective, but also fast.

Steam cleaners products from Daimer® use the power of high temperature steam to release and dissolve different kinds of dirt and sedimentation. When used with Daimer®’s ATIS® anti-bacterial technology, machines such as the KleenJet® 500VP can eliminate black mold and more than 99 percent of other germs and bacteria present, without damaging the grout in any way. This makes steam cleaners the ideal machine to use in places like kitchens, nursing homes, and hospitals.

Steam cleaners products from Daimer® have another advantage in that they can clean effectively, without relying on any kind of harsh chemical cleaning agents. Tile and grout can be cleaned thoroughly using nothing more than the power of low moisture steam with temperature levels up to 386°F. More information on these steam cleaners products can be found at
Monday, July 11, 2011

Using Steam Cleaners Products to Maintain Trash Cans

Steam Cleaners Products to Maintain Trash Cans
Paper, banana peels, egg shells, wood shavings, no matter what the kind of waste, it will eventually end up in trashcans or garbage bins. Other things that can make trashcans smell bad and look grimy include half-eaten sandwiches, vegetable peels, rotten eggs, leftover meals and soiled diapers. Decomposing food materials can act as a breeding ground for germs and pests. This is why simply rinsing out garbage bins will not do. For clean and sanitized trash bins, you must use steam cleaners products from Daimer®.

The main problem with garbage bins that many complain about is the persistent awful smell. Steam cleaning machines can tackle this issue effectively. The KleenJet® series of steam cleaners products from Daimer® has been designed for such tasks. By ejecting dry steam at extremely high temperatures, these steam cleaning systems help clean and sanitize your trashcans like never before.

The hot steam ejected by KleenJet® steam cleaners products, including the KleenJet® 500VP, instantly dissolves dirt deposits and organic particles in the garbage bins. New versions of steam cleaners products facilitate the addition of detergents to enhance the cleaning action. Since this cleaning technique completely removes odor-causing substances, there is no question whether the odors will resurface after a few hours.

Another characteristic of KleenJet® steam cleaners products is the unique antibacterial function known as ATIS® technology. This powerful technology eliminated more than 99 percent of disease-causing bacteria, germs and pathogens. Cleaning trash bins is just one of the applications of steam cleaning machines. Visit to discover more ways of using your steam cleaning machine.